School and Goals…blah!

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March 19, 2009 by The Perfectly Imperfect One

So I am sitting at job number one, attempting to do homework. Well, ok I am being distracted away from my homework by watching internet television. But the point is I should be doing homework.

Ok, so most people know, I have just started my bachelors degree in criminal justice (just finished my associates a few weeks ago) and I am taking online classes. For my associates degree classes were two classes at a time for 9 weeks. These classes are one class at a time for five weeks. The first class seems like it is going to be kind of a waste of my time since I have pretty much already taken this class in a nine week course….LAME!

The point of this class is to get students to learn in an online environment, to make goals in school, work and life. Since I have already taken this class I am fairly bored already (and it’s only day 3!).

The class is asked to make goals for school and discuss the obstacles that may be in our way to achieve these goals and how we can overcome them. I have to say, I do not have many obstacles in my school life. The obstacle I had was starting school (also my main goal with my education) I have already overcome that goal by 1) enrolling in school, 2) recieving my associates degree and 3) moving on to my bachelors. The only obstacle I faced was not having the money to pay for school, but financial aid and student loans are wonderful (sucks I have to pay it back, but at least I am getting an education, so it seems worth it).

So I guess since I have already done this class and discussed my educational goals, I think I will discuss my personal life goals above and beyond my education.

1) Get bachelors degree

2) Get a job as a CSI (or at least at the PD so I can have my foot in the door)

3) Pay off all my debt (I know typical American goal)

4) Make time for myself and my family

5) Take regular vacations to just get away and relax and have fun, hopefully see more of the world

So there you have, just some of my goals…


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