Parents and Children

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January 17, 2009 by The Perfectly Imperfect One

Ok, this is going to be a vent session based on my personal opinion…
What is wrong with parents? Why is it that they feel they are intitled to bring their children everywhere they go and when their children act out of control I am the one that has to sit and listen to it? I understand that you can’t always find a babysitter, but I don’t care! I do not want to hear your child screem because you tell them NO. I don’t want to clean up after your child that comes into my office and destroys the place while you are yelling at them to “come here and sit down” and “don’t touch that” It is bullshit! This is my place of business and I am working here for money not a headache!

Parents: you need to train your children to behave in public, if you have to take them somewhere they need to know when and what they are aloud to do and what they are not! You are not the center of the universe and not everyone likes children and you are not entitled to have them run around like the insane annoying brats they are. If you cannot control your children in public you should not let them leave the house, and guess what?!?! if you cannot find a babysitter and you do not know how to take responsibility for your child, then you should and the child(ren) should stay home.

When I was growing up, my parents taught me that children should be seen and not heard, speek when spoken to and if we did not behave we would be punished accordingly and sent to the car if we were not behaving while in public. I understand that times have changed, but you can still punish your children if they cannot behave, I am not saying beat the shit out of them, but basically train your children to act like well-manored human beings.
It is the parents responsibility to also act like a well-manored human being by teaching their children how to act. So listen up….if you are a parent, take that responsibility because you are not the only person in the world that is listening to your child scream in the store, and many parents do not clean up after their children when the child makes a mess in public, like pulling items off the shelf in the toy aisle or even where I work playing with the toys provided to occupy the children while I am doing the parents taxes.


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