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March 12, 2007 by The Perfectly Imperfect One

In your room

I turn off the lights

Begin to undress

Suddenly you are behind me

Arms around me

Slowly you lean in

Gently move my hair

Kiss my neck

My quick breath in excites you

I close my eyes

Enjoying your lips on me

Feeling your warm breath on my body

You kiss down my back

My moan excites you

You turn me around

Kiss me deeply


You lightly kiss my neck

My collar bone

I toss my head back

You move to my chest

Slowly running your tongue

Down to my stomach

My breath quickens

Hearts beating hard and fast

You lay me on the bed

Running your fingertips over my body

I am excited

I want you

You know it

you kiss me

I run my nails

Down your back

Tiny scratch marks left behind

We come together

Slow at first

I gasp


Moving faster

You look into my eyes

I can see your pleasure

Your excitement

I can feel you throbbing

When its over

We collapse together

Breathing fast

Laying on me

I can feel your heart

Beating hard and fast

You look into my eyes

Smiling you say

Those three little words…

Let’s go smoke!


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